The Ombuds Office is an establishment created by the signatories of the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct. It acts as a mediator between crowd workers and crowdsourcing platforms to resolve disputes and ensure fair cooperation based on the principles outlined in the Code.

The Ombuds Office can assist you in resolving disputes that have arisen between you and a crowdsourcing platform that has signed the Code of Conduct. It aims to find consensual solutions to the issues you are facing during your work on the platform.

You can submit a complaint to the Ombuds Office if you have already attempted to resolve the issue with the platform outside of the legal system, but the matter remains unresolved.

You can submit a complaint regarding a dispute with the platform, such as a disagreement over payment for a particular task or any other issue related to your work on the platform. Additionally, you can also file a complaint if you believe that the platform has inappropriately claimed adherence to the Code of Conduct.

To submit a complaint, you need to provide a written claim to the Ombuds Office here. An email is an acceptable form of submission as well. The complaint should be formulated as clearly as possible, and it must be written in either German or English.

Yes, please submit your complaint within 6 months from the occurrence of the issue you wish to address.

Yes, if you are a crowdworker residing in a country other than Germany and file a complaint, you may request a representative from a trade union based in your country to join the Ombuds Office process in an advisory capacity.

The Ombuds Office process aims to be efficient and should not last longer than three months, to the extent possible.

Yes, all complaints are confidential. Information disclosed during the mediation process, including trade secrets and personal information, will be kept confidential.

Submitting a complaint is free of charge. However, you will be responsible for covering your own costs associated with the process.

The Ombuds Office will make a written record of the result of the mediation process. If applicable, platforms may be asked to remove any inappropriate claims of adherence to the Code of Conduct from their websites. Disputes between workers and platforms generally do not prevent further legal action unless explicitly agreed upon.

For disputes involving a platform's inappropriate proclamation of adherence to the Code of Conduct, the Ombuds Office may publicly communicate its decision, including through deletion from the list of supporters/signatories and statements to the press and online.

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